On May 6th of 2017... I seriously started my online teaching efforts. To celebrate this 1 year anniversary, please accept my drawing Mini-course and 2 Ebooks as gifts! Come to the Drawing Side!

My 1 year anniversary gifts to you:

Come to the Drawing Side!

The Act of Drawing Mini-course and Ebooks

The ebook that accompanies the mini-course has 36 reference images to facilitate your daily drawing routine. To establish your drawing habit, follow a daily routine for at least 21 days. A little time every day is much better than a few hours in a single drawing section.

Just for entering the mini-course attendance list, you get my “self-portrait Great Masters” ebook. It can also be used as reference material for your drawing experience in my Mini-course – Come to the Drawing Side! – The Act of Drawing!


Prof. Dr. Christopher Gould, Ph.D.

Professor and ex-Head of the Physics Department, NCSU, Raleigh, NC, USA.

“One piece of work earned him a “best paper” award in 1999 from the NC chapter of the American Associate of Physics Teachers. For several years, as an overload, he taught a Science of Art course that attracted, just by word of mouth, a talented and diverse group of majors from across campus. This was the only science and art on campus for decades until a colleague of mine started a similar course in 2014, in art and biology. In 1998, for his work in PY211-212 he garnered one of NC State University’s most prestigious awards – induction into the NC State Academy of Outstanding Teachers.”

Prof. Dr. Sergio Rezende, Ph.D.

Professor of Physics, UFPE, and ex-Minister of Science and Technology of Brazil.

“Dr. Santos-Filho was living in the USA and teaching at North Carolina State University when I suggested that we could construct a material research conservation and restoration laboratory in Olinda. He then moved back to Brazil. And in 2008, while I was the Minister of Science and Technology of Brazil, we inaugurated the Conservation and Restoration Laboratory in Olinda. Olinda is one of Unesco’ World Heritage Sites since 1982.”